January 2020

Spirio Spotlight

Ahmad Jamal, Disney Favorites, The Pastoral Symphony, and The Best of the Year

Ahmad Jamal

SpirioSync video


One of the most celebrated jazz artists of our time, Ahmad Jamal, joins the catalog of Steinway & Sons Spirio, the world’s finest high resolution player piano. The venerable yet increasingly relevant master has allowed us to recreate one of his memorable performances captured on film in Paris in 1971: a solo turn from his original composition, “Extensions.”

We launch the new year with a collection of Disney favorites, including songs from Frozen, Mulan, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid and others. Meanwhile, Fantasia, the ultimate Disney classic, features Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony (No. 6). So in celebration of 2020, which marks Beethoven's 250th anniversary, we offer Franz Liszt’s celebrated complete piano arrangement of the symphony.

Take a final look back and dive in to Best of Spirio 2019, the most popular tracks as determined by our listeners from the 50 hours of music created for Spirio in 2019 — as well as some jewels you may have missed.

Another January Spirio debut features the young Swedish jazz pianist–composer, Joel Lyssarides. His reflective and beautiful music delivers a perfect winter respite.

The songs of Beiruti pianist Michel Fadel boldly and elegantly wed modern and classical with Orient and Occident.


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