“A pianist, that hasn't been as privileged as to play on a Steinway piano, is almost as unfortunate as a gardener with a limited sense of smell, never being able to fully appreciate the entire beauty of the flowers and plants he works with. Just like the scent of a rose, the tone and touch of a Steinway are unique. Just like Alfred Brendel said `I want to make music. That means I prefer the Steinway piano', to me the Steinway piano is not just a musical tool, it is a whole new art of making music, of playing the piano, of leaving behind reality and entering complete musical fulfillment. Being a Young Steinway Artist, to me, is not only an award; it is a chance of entering an international musical family that appreciates the same things as I do. A family that speaks the same language as I do and that has the same interests. It is an opportunity. It is an honor. I can still remember those days in my childhood when my mother used to play the piano to me, every night before I went to bed. I can still remember the day that I was allowed to choose my first piano and I can still remember the disappointment that this first piano wasn't the one that I wanted: the best, a Steinway. Only 3 years ago, I received a Steinway from my parents, but unfortunately I left for England 1 year ago. Now, every time that I come home, I look forward to the sound in my living room, the feeling under my fingers and the smile on my face when I realize that I'm making music, together with one of, and if not, the best piano in the world.” November 3, 2009

Iliana-Victoria Grosse-Buening