“When I play a Steinway piano, I feel like I am living in music.”

Yidi Ding

Young Steinway Artist, Yidi Ding, started playing piano at the age of 5 and has shown promising talent since beginning his formal studies. Now, he is often invited to perform for many esteemed organizations and institutions in Carnegie Hall. At the age of 6, he held his solo recital at the Shanghai Oriental Art Centre and was invited by the China Record Corporation to release his new album. Yidi has won over twenty First Prizes in many prestigious piano competitions in America, Europe, and China, such as the Philadelphia International Music Festival Concerto Competition, the Bravura Philharmonic Young Artists Concerto Competition, the American Music Talent Competition, the PHMAT Music Competition, the NJMAT Young Musicians Competition, the GOCAA Piano

Competition, the Vienna International Music Competition, the Pearl Kayserburg International Youth Piano Competition and so on.

In 2019, at the age of 7, Yidi was accepted to the Julliard School Pre-College division and became one of the institute’s youngest enrolled students. He was also selected by the Lang Lang International Music Foundation to join the Young Scholars Program. Yidi has received high praise from esteemed pianists and professors such as Lang Lang, Gary Graffman, and Yoheved Kaplishky for performing with a maturity that is far beyond his age. From Lang Lang, Yidi has benefited greatly from his mentorship since he was 6 years old.

Yidi’s passion for piano also developed into an interest in composition, conducting, and vocals. In China, his teachers were Keng Zhou, Nianqu Liu, and James Brawn. In 2019, Yidi moved to the United States and his teachers include Victoria Mushkatkol, Dmitry Rachmanov, Meng-Chieh Liu, and Magdalena Stern-Baczewska among others. His composition teacher, Utar Artun, is a voting member of the Grammy Award and has been a source of inspiration to Yidi’s composition and music career. Yidi recently completed his first piano concerto “Spring is Coming”.

He is a young pianist who enjoys sharing his music. In May 2020, he was one of the youngest performers invited to participate in the “Transfer Love-Relay Concert of Global Chinese Musicians” organized by China Education Television and Beijing Youth Broadcasting Station. In his spare time, Yidi frequently performs at senior centres, churches, and public events. He hopes to continue sharing his music with those who have never experienced a performance in concert halls.